Data Science

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Edureka Learning Center Data Science Program prepares you to get job-ready and enhance your skills to match the industry standards. This program will enable you to build end-to-end Machine Learning models using the Python Programming Language. This program starts with the basics of Python, guides you to perform data analysis using Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, and Seaborn libraries in Python, helps you implement Supervised and Unsupervised learning algorithms, and enables you to evaluate and optimize your models. It also covers Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning concepts such as RNN and CNN using TensorFlow and helps you create interactive visualizations of your data using Tableau while increasing your employability multifold.

Program Roadmap

  • Python for Data Science

    Day 01 - Day 18

  • Probability and Statistics

    Day 19 - Day 30

  • Supervised Machine Learning

    Day 31 - Day 42

  • Natural Language Processing

    Day 43 - Day 47

  • Unsupervised Machine Learning

    Day 48 - Day 59

  • Model Evaluation and Optimization

    Day 60 - Day 70

  • Deep Learning Using TensorFlow

    Day 71 - Day 80

  • Data Visualization Using Tableau

    Day 81 - Day 90

Course Features

Faculty-led Blended Program Delivery
Online Proctored Assessments
24*7 Faculty support
Assistance for Securing Job Interviews
Faculty Moderated Discussion Forum
Affordable, World-class training

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Sector 10, Kumbha Marg, Pratap Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302033

99820 00731 / 99820 00732

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