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Edureka Learning Center Full Stack Web Development Program prepares you to get job-ready and enhance your skills to match the industry standards. This program will help you build an end-to-end full-fledged functional website using MERN stack technologies. This program starts with the basics of website designing using HTML and CSS, guides you to make it functional using the most popular JS library React, and finally helps you implement APIs & enables you to connect to a database. You will be learning complete MERN stack technologies like MongoDB, Express, React, and Node, which would help you develop dynamic and interactive websites efficiently while increasing your employability multifold

Program Roadmap

  • HTML

    Day 01 - Day 06

  • CSS

    Day 07 - Day 11

  • Bootstrap

    Day 12 - Day 14

  • JavaScript

    Day 15 - Day 30

  • Data Structures

    Day 31 - Day 46

  • Node.js and Express.js

    Day 47 - Day 54

  • MongoDB

    Day 55 - Day 60

  • React.js

    Day 61 - Day 90

Course Features

Faculty-led Blended Program Delivery
Online Proctored Assessments
24*7 Faculty support
Assistance for Securing Job Interviews
Faculty Moderated Discussion Forum
Affordable, World-class training

Get In Touch

Sector 10, Kumbha Marg, Pratap Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302033

99820 00731 / 99820 00732

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